featherbedding feath‧er‧bed‧ding [ˈfeDəˌbedɪŋ ǁ -Dər-] noun [uncountable] COMMERCE
when there are more workers to do a job than are really needed. trade are often accused of forcing employers to do this when workers risk losing their jobs because new machines are being introduced:

• Management says it needs to get rid of featherbedding and other labor abuses and save $50 million annually.

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featherbedding UK US /ˌfeðəˈbedɪŋ/ US  /ˈfeðərˌbedɪŋ/ noun [U] WORKPLACE
the practice of employing more workers than necessary: »

Today's front page story covers the featherbedding that seems to be a feature of almost all city departments.

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